Dear Cleo 18 02 24

Dearest Cleo

Thank you again for the great day out we had on Saturday I’m hoping that Auburns flu is better, it should be, its only boy flu, he isn’t old enough yet to get full blown man flu.

Going back to the problem of stages and moving images, the next time you watch an old drawn Disney movie reflect on how solid the background or stage set is and how full of life the characters are. A cartoon is merely one of my sketches pulled out over time and just like the old master paintings, a film is something that tricks the eye into believing in an alternative reality.

I am a great believer in synchronicity, I only ever buy The Times when I have a lot of time to kill, I bought a copy on the day the car was being serviced, and this was their current ad campaign

Figure 1 Advertisement for The Times 1

I bought another copy the Saturday after.

Figure 2 Advertisement for The Times 2

Both pictures are impossible but both are showing the effect of time on a given stage, your brain can interpret, understand, relate to and make sense of the nonsense your eye is seeing, just like watching a film.

I almost forgot, it is half term for you, I hope you are enjoying it.

My love as always

Mickos xx