Dear Cleo 17 07 28

Dear Cleo

I’m looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow, and I think your mum has arranged a trip to the BP Portrait Award on Sunday that I am quite looking forward to.

I have become quite passionate about drawing with my arm. I decided to switch mediums and have a go with ink. I started with my trusty sharpie and finishes with ink washes. I got to see the Hokusai prints at the British Museum, and I know that the wood block prints were cut from ink drawings pasted to the woodblocks

I was pleased with the result I had obtained in the last drawing working from my A6 sketchbook; I decided to mine the same source again. I chose a sketch I did while I was enjoying a pint of Czechoslovakian lager in the Sheffield Taps.

Figure 1 (17 07 28 01) SK 03 11 ink on A5 cartridge

I am at the minute interested in the illusion of space in the picture frame and I tried to accentuate this illusion in the drawing I was doing. The ink wash is new thing too which I think has worked and the arched mirror gives it a Renaissancey feel.

Figure 2 (17 07 28 02) The Taps Sheffield Sharpie and ink wash On A2 Cartridge paper

Working at arm’s length introduces some quirks, I think the girl on the left would fit comfortably in the background of a De Kooning. I have managed to retain the immediacy of the original sketch maybe a few intermediate thumb nails would have helped in establishing the tones and lighting but I think I have pulled it off. It’s a good basis for a painting but I would need to do some studies with a model to tighten up the details.

Well my dear that’s it for tonight see you in the morning, sleep tight.

Love as always

Mickos x