Dear Cleo 17 07 24

Dearest Cleo

Well today is the first day of your summer holidays, the weather has not been that good but I’m sure you will have made the most of it. Once again congratulations on your school report, for it to be so good you must have worked hard all year, you are a good girl and I am very proud of you.

I have been drawing with a sharpie taped to the end of a four foot stick, it is something that Matisse did, and it is supposed to give more gesture, grace and freedom to your mark making, you know what, it does exactly that.

At first it is difficult to control, but I think I got over that hurdle doing assignment 1 with charcoal taped to my pool cue; I am really enjoying the sense of looseness it gives to my drawing. This is what I created.

Figure 1 (17 07 24) All around my hat, Sharpie and charcoal and chalk on a four foot stick on A2 grey sugar paper

I am very pleased with the outcome, I think it has a strong composition, a good eye lead in through the bag and the hat is a good focal point, its curves contrasting well with the linear shapes around it. I especially like how the curve in the top of the bag echoes the curves in the hat.

I suppose with the chair and the hat and the brushes it owes a little something to Vincent and now as I sit back and look at it, it is my chair, my hat and my brushes and looking at it I can tell that, it is becoming a far more personal drawing than I first imagined.

I am looking forward to catching up with you at the weekend and hope you are having a lovely holiday.

All my love