Dear Cleo 18 12 07

Dearest Cleo

Well it is almost the weekend and I am looking forward to seeing you again. I was a bit upset with myself, for assuming from the books I had read, that the Blue Rider was an all male affair.

Well every day is a school day, today I learned that The Blue Rider included two female artists, Gabrielle Munter and Marianne Von Werefkin. As promised Amazon delivered the book I ordered. It was a beautiful book, lavishly illustrated, with not too much writing so that it was quick to read. It contained many works by Kandinsky, Macke and Marc that I am now quite familiar with, but also some by Munter and Werefkin.

Gabriele Munter was a founder member of The Blue Rider, she was Kandinsky’s muse, companion and lover throughout his pre First World War career and they parted when Kandinsky returned to Russia in 1914. When I flicked through the book after it was delivered, I assumed her paintings were works by Kandinsky that I had not previously seen, but on reading the book I began to appreciate her work. Like many of the early twentieth century artists she dabbled in a number of isms over the course of her career but my favourite was Streetcar in Munich, the central streetcar occupies the focus of the golden section and the colours are pure magic.

Marianne Von Werefkin studied under the Russian Realist Painter Ilya Repin and again her works can be attributed to a number of early Twentieth Century Art Movements. She was a latecomer to The Blue Rider but for me her stand out work is Tragic mood, looking at the picture you can feel the woman’s need to be alone with her thoughts and feelings whilst her partner stares uncomprehendingly from beside their home.

I wasn’t able to find an internet version of Streetcar in Munich but I will show you the picture in the book when you come round.

My love as always

Mickos xx



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