Dear Cleo 17 03 23

Dearest Cleo

Happy quarter day my dear, you are getting to be a big girl now, congratulations and I hope you enjoy the book.

Me, Following on from the previous research on Prunella Clough I have been checking out etching. I watched a video following Norman Ackroyd for a day. He is a master etcher and produces beautiful work, but it takes so long to achieve a result. Maybe this is one of the reasons that the Clough achieve is so small, because she spent eons of time etching.

I have seen an etching proof that Rembrandt adjusted with a brush and oil paint. In the time of Rembrandt up until Turner and maybe beyond the etcher was a separate craftsman, highly skilled but separate from the artist in a similar way that with modern art the creators are skilled craftsmen and the artists are called Warhol, Hirst, Cornella Parker and Koons. This is not to denigrate these artists, they are the people with the idea, as were Turner and Rembrandt, it is just that the etchings from Turner and Rembrandt had no exclusivity, were a mass production thing with no exclusivity.

I would buy Ackroyd’s sketches but I could not aspire to buy an Ackroyd Print, simply because of the enormous amount of time Ackroyd spends in turning the sketch into a print. In the olden days, the etching was a big print run, mass media thing, now it is a limited edition exclusive print.

I will not attend an etching workshop but hopefully one day I will collaborate with my etcher.

All  the best

Mickos x