Dear Cleo


Dearest Cleo

It was good to catch up on Saturday morning the ice cream was excellent and we are slowly teaching Auburn to eat ice cream and walk at the same time, it is a very important Life lesson to learn but it is such fun watching his attempts to master the technique.

After I dropped you and Auburn off I went to the Ben Uri Museum to look at their current Bomberg exhibition I carried out some research on Frank Auerbach for the fifth part of the course and Bomberg was one of Auerbach’s Tutors so I was interested to examine the connection. I was not disappointed Bomberg’s late works were similar in style to Auerbach’s and both echo Bomberg’s mantra “to respect the spirit of the mass” One of Bomberg’s tutors was Sickert and it is easy to see this connection looking at Bomberg’s work.

The poster work for the exhibition features a magnificent self-portrait that is probably a meter and a half square and is but my favorite was a portrait of Bomberg’s wife Lillian entitled The Red Hat. The layering of the oil paint in this is truly magnificent.

If you like the paintings in the links I could take you to see them, it isnt far from your house.

My love as always

Mickos xx