Dear Cleo 17 10 13

Dear Cleo

It seems a long time since I wrote, I have been busy writing an essay and researching in books. The essay concerns Raphael, Picasso and Auburn, so you can probably imagine how much research was required. I will put it on here when it is finished.

As well as that I have been going to Whitewebbs Woods three or four times a week, just to soak up the atmosphere and understand what it is all about. Rediscovering what it is like to be peaceful in nature and spending more time being still and observing the calm.

Whitewebbs is labelled a park, but it is a long time since the park keeper visited, the dedicated benches stop around 2002 and the lifebelt by the pond dates from 1995. I guess the park hasn’t been maintained since 1995, they will probably shut it soon, in case an old branch falls on someone’s head because it is not being looked after.

Anyway  I am letting the woods speak to me while I listen in their silence these are the drawings I created after going home to the studio,

Figure 1 (17 10 13 01) Forest path, charcoal and XL charcoal on white A2 sugar paper

I think this has an almost Cezanne type feel to it which could be the result of dancing at the easel it probably would be better redone with figures


Figure 2 (17 10 13 02) Forest path, ink and wash on white A2 sugar paper

After many years of walking this path I know it, hold it in my head and I can conjure it up at a moment’s notice, it often puts in an appearance when I am listening to peaceful music or sitting in a traffic jam.

Figure 3 (17 10 13 03) Edge of the forest, ink and wash on white A2 sugar paper.

On one edge of the unkempt woods is a pristinely maintained golf course an abrupt border between the wild and the tame.

Figure 4 (17 10 13 04) An act of terror or neglect, ink and wash and Conte crayon white A2 sugar paper

This started as a grassy knoll but maybe I have been reading the news too much and had to get something out of my head.

Well that is it for tonight I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, good luck with the maths test.

My love as always

Mickos xx