Dear Cleo 17 10 03

Dear Cleo

I hope you are well. Carrying on from yesterday I have remembered the old songs for Friday and Saturday which only leaves Thursday and Sunday to find.

More photographs that inspired me, these are of paths and pavements I walked, the photography aspect of this part of the course is beginning to bore, so I have been experimenting a little crudely with the buttons on Photoshop.

Figure 1 (17 10 03 01) Paths 01, just a pretty picture, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

Figure 2 (17 10 03 02) Paths 02, Suggestive, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop.

Figure 3 (17 10 03 03) Paths 03, a souk in Marrakesh, digital photograph with doors and windows added in Photoshop

Figure 4 (17 10 03 04) Paths 04, Dinosaur feeding adjacent to human latrine, cave wall in Santa Uritrino, Northern Spain, circa 8000BC, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop.

Figure 5 (17 10 03 05) Paths 05, a disturbance in the force, in a galaxy far far away, digital photograph cropped, black and whitened, posterised and gamma corrected in Photoshop.

Figure 6 (17 10 03 06) Paths 06, convergence of Edmonton ley lines, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

Figure 7 (17 10 03 07) Paths 07, the constellation of the running fox, those born under this sign have wisdom and cunning, can draw like Raphael, have a tendency to drink copious ammounts of lager and eat out of dustbins (15 November12.30 to 12.42) Digital photograph cropped and adjusted in Photoshop

Figure 8 (17 10 03 06) Paths 08, ancient Viking map of Yorkshire carved in York stone, the insert, embellished in emerald, represents garlic and showing the lair of Dracula in modern day Whitby Digital photograph cropped in Photoshop,

I hope you enjoyed my journey into the ridiculous and we can catch up at the weekend in case you need further explanations

Love as always

Mickos xx