Dear Cleo 18 02 12

Dearest Cleo

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow you’re in luck, it’s going to be a Mickos day we will be gone early and come back late and plan as we go.

When I was sketching the other day, the first thing I thought of was this.

Figure 01 Perspectival sketch for Adoration of the Magi Leonardo da Vinci

You can see how carefully he has crafted the architecture or stage to give a sense of space for his actors to move around in. Notice how lightly drawn his actors are and how in places they are transparent with the set showing through. One of the best examples being the camel at the foot of his stairs, how the form looming out of the page is suddenly flattened when you notice the stairs grinning through.

The second thing I thought of was this.

Figure 02 Nude descending a staircase, reworked photograph with watercolour pencil and pastel Marcel Duchamp

Again, notice how solid the steps and the background areas opposed to the lightness of the figure, calling the stage to mind. There is another curious thing about this, while it looks like a sketch for the painting, it was actually done two years after the painting was completed on a photograph of the painting using chalks and watercolours.

So when you sit in the Mercedes garage in Waltham Cross there are always giants upon whose shoulders you can sit.

Thank you for the great time we had at the zoo, and I have to agree with you, I too thought the white tiger was the best

My love as always


Mickos xx