Dear Cleo 18 07 10

Dearest Cleo

What is it with this weather it thinks it’s 1976, when in reality we all think and hope that it is 1966. This is the story behind the Fairytale of New York, behind every good fairytale, somewhere there is hard work and effort. Now six months later after the euphoria has gone I remember the hard work that was invested into the fairytale.

Parallel Project Collaboration with the MoMA

The Fairytale of New York

The painting that went to New York was one of a series of eight, here are the paintings and drawings that didn’t even make my cut.

Figure 1 After Barnet Newman Acrylic on A3 canvas

Figure 2 After Yayoi Kusama Acrylic on A3 canvas

Figure 3 After Ad Reinhardt oil on 350 x 350 canvas

Figure 4 After Wilhelm De Kooning pastel on A3 tracing paper

Figure 5 After Agnes Martin pencil and acrylic on 360 x 350 canvas

Figure 6 After Mark Rothko acrylic on A3 canvas

Figure 7 After Wilhelm de Kooning acrylic on A3 canvas

Not only that, here is a link the research syllabus for the course.

That was the hard work before I even thought of entering my painting for exhibition, but having been successful with my entry, I realised that there was no point resting on my laurels. In the last six months I have built, with help from Frank, Mario and Loz, a website and an Instagram account, more work and continuing.

Is the hard work worth it? Yes and yes again, more people have seen my work than ever saw Vincent’s while he was still alive, and although art, like football, is not about money, (football keeps knocking on the door this week not for money but because it thinks it lives here) it is beginning to pay for a few books and has given me a free ride on my next course.

Maybe with much much more work I will get to be good, and you my dear, after I am gone, will be a rich young lady, me I don’t care, I am just happy to know that people that I don’t know like my paintings and drawings.

I have a mountain to climb for no other reason than it is there.

My love as always

Mickos xx