Dear Cleo 17 12 31

Dear Cleo

While you were doing maths this morning, I spent time watching Auburn draw on his new drawing machine, I don’t know what it is called, but you can draw on it and then erase the drawing by sliding a button across.

Parallel Project Collaboration

1.2 Drawing with Auburn

Figure 1 (17 11 10 01) Drawing 001 by Auburn progress stylus on drawing machine

Auburn’s attention span is quite short, there are so many things to capture his attention and his developing mind, so it was not so difficult to catch progress shots of his work.

Figure 2 (17 11 10 02) Drawing 001 by Auburn completion stylus on drawing machine

Figure 3 (17 11 10 03) Drawing 002 by Auburn progress stylus on drawing machine

Figure 4 (17 11 10 04) Drawing 002 by Auburn completion stylus on drawing machine

Figure 5 (17 11 10 05) Drawing 003 by Auburn stylus on drawing machine

Figure 6 (17 11 10 06) Drawing 004 by Auburn stylus on drawing machine

Figure 7 (17 11 10 07) Drawing 005 by Auburn stylus on drawing machine

Figure 8 (17 11 10 08) Drawing by Mickos stylus on drawing machine

One thing that struck me was the ephemeral nature of this type of art, you can’t stick a drawing machine to the fridge door, but there was something else as well, I am stopping analysing Auburns art as a psychological measure of his progress but beginning to look at it as Art with a capital A.

Twombly and Picasso for instance created art that resembled childlike drawings, but this was something they had to learn how to do whereas Auburn is a natural. People find the drawings of children delightful, could there be something in them that appeals to our DNA, primitive and childish art was incorporated into 20th century fine art, there could be more to this than meets the eye. It will definitely take more research I will report back when I have considered it some more, so many questions and so few answers

Congratulations on the hundred percent at maths class and I will catch up with you in the week.

Love as always

Mickos xx


Dear Cleo 17 11 27

Dear Cleo

I hope you are well, me, well there is always something new to do at the OCA, today’s new thing is the parallel project, I m not really sure how to deal with this but I think if I Keep going with the head down it may turn into something good.


Parallel Project Collaboration

1.1 Drawing with Auburn

The start point for my Parallel Project is to chart the growth of drawing in human beings from an early age, I am going to collaborate with Auburn and chart his drawing ability. At eighteen month he has only just started to hold a pencil so I think that by charting his progress, I may discover some of the secrets of drawing.

For three months I have collected Auburns drawings and watched Auburn draw. This is the first drawing that he produced during that period.

Figure 1 (17 11 09 01) Drawing 001 by Auburn 25 March 2017 ink on A5 Cartridge

This, the first drawing I collected is particularly impressive, Auburn was new to drawing and seemed keen to impress his adult friend who had trusted him with the pen and a sketchbook. What did he know, not an awful lot. I didn’t interfere being careful not to disturb the tabula rasa that was Auburn except to invert the drawing. What can Auburn see in it? I will never know, he had not yet the vocabulary to explain.

What did I, his collaborator see in it, Joseph and Mary on their way to Nazareth with an embryonic infant Jesus X rayed in the Virgins womb, complete with a shadow of the cross. That is probably the problem with no longer being a child, the tendency to over think things. I also thought it reminded me.

It also reminded me of Head of Germaine Reynal by Juan Gris and it was from Gris that I collaborated with Auburns drawing to produce this.

Figure 2 (17 11 09 02) Star Wars character inspired by Auburn and Gris, ink on A5 Cartridge

As an aside, Juan Gris was the first student of cubism, although Gris was an early cubist, it fell to him to provide rules and explanations that assimilated Picasso and Braque’s intuitive cubism into the continuum of the Western Art Cannon.

Hope you like the drawings of Auburn, Gris and me and I will catch up with you at weekend.

All my love as always

Mickos xx