Dear Cleo 17 07 02

Dearest Cleo

How are you, I have a surprise for you at the weekend to make up for me missing your quarter day, I am sorry I missed it, but things have been a little hectic lately, but I am sure the surprise will make up for my missing it.

Assignment 2

Well although this is the day 1 post for assignment 2, it is not the day one of thinking about it nor even the day 1 of doing it, but it is the day 1 of writing about it. After much thinking I decided the subject would be pool and the drawing would be done with my pool cue. I taped a piece of XL charcoal to the end of my pool cue and drew this;

Figure 1 (17 07 03 01) Pool 1 XL charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

The drawing bit was not so hard as I thought it would be, I am quite used to the balance of my pool cue and as an aerobic exercise I often do Jedi training with my light sabre so I am a bit used to the cut and thrust of a weapon and I was able to brandish the pool cue with ease, even if it was a little longer than my light sabre.

For my second attempt I zoomed out and got the whole pool table in;

Figure 2 (17 07 03 02) Pool 2 XL charcoal on A2 newspaper

I had included some of the tracks of the balls in this attempt and I decided that this introduced a bit of movement so I tried again to depict the energy of making the break at pool;

Figure 3 (17 07 03 03) Pool 4 XL charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

Over lunch I decided that it would be better if I could depict a whole pool match in my work. I opened a bottle of Chardonnay, found a suitable pool match on YouTube and proceeded to watch it several times in slow motion so that i could watch the movements of the balls and plot them with a set of ten different coloured Inktense pencils onto a sheet of graph paper. Mapping the break was the hardest, after that it became easier

Figure 4 (17 07 03 04) Inktense pencils on A3 graph paper

I was on more familiar territory now I had a sketch to work with and a modicum of experience with my tools and was able to produce this;

Figure 5 (17 07 03 05) For those of you watching in charcoal and chalk, the green is behind the blue XL charcoal and chalk on A2 grey sugar paper

The final piece works well on several levels, firstly it works as a diagram of a game of pool, secondly it records the passage of time while the game was taking place, thirdly it performs as a history painting recording a great event in the world of pool, fourthly it works as a map, fifthly it has a definate sense of movent to it for the eye to discern and follow a sequence and finally it was drawn with a pool cue and chalk to intensify the feel of the piece, using the materials of the piece to draw with.

I hope you like my drawings and I will see you at the weekend.

My love as always

Mickos xx