Dear Cleo 18 03 27

Dear Cleo

Well we made it through the Tuesday of the short week we only have the Wednesday left and then on Thursday we get to tidy our desks and bring a toy to play with in the afternoon, I am going to bring my liquid white chalk pen because I am having such fun with it.

With all the watering and the orchid food, Blanche has really blossomed out, she has left the coffee table and now lives by a cave or in an abandoned quarry in middle Europe somewhere, she became more elegant and sophisticated as I drew her and at times the page seemed to quiver and flutter beneath my hand.

She is no longer a real orchid but an impression of an orchid, in fact, it is almost as if she is acting out an impression of Vincent’s Blossoming Almond Tree, but, being an orchid, she doesn’t have the full presence of a whole tree.

The blossoms flap like straining birds attempting to flee the page, constrained only by the stem of the plant, and the mark making is loose and fleeting recalling the feather patterns of those fleeing birds.

This part of the course is about time, I would have drawn this on the cave wall if I hadn’t been on the bloody buffalo hunt at the time.

I wish I had taken progress photos to show when I nearly stopped, but I didn’t so you will just have to be satisfied with the final version.

Figure 12 ( Blanche the Orchid, Graphite, charcoal, Sharpie, neutral grey felt tip and liquid white chalk on A3 grey sugar paper.

I hope you like my final drawing of Blanche as much as I do, and don’t take the chess set to school on the last day, you will spend ages teaching the other kids how to play.

My love as always

Mickos xx