Dear Cleo 17 4 30

Dear Cleo

Well, Sunday morning life class has finished for the summer, today was the last one next month the football season is over for the summer, whatever will I do with my weekends?

I used the last life class to develop a slightly different drawing process following on from yesterday’s disaster. I was thinking about the Raphael process I was discussing last week and decided that the way forward was to use  the  charcoal first to establish the pose very lightly, ink in the pose brush of the charcoal construction lines and then go back in with the charcoal to establish the tones. It worked quite well but I lost the pose a bit in the longer poses, I think this will fix itself with a bit of practice. Arsenal have one more Tuesday game on the 16th of May so I will go to Tuesday night life class  after that. Enough of the words here are the drawings.

Figure 01 (17 4 30 01) Ink and charcoal on A3 cartridge

Figure 02 (17 4 30 02) Ink and charcoal on A3 cartridge

Figure 03 (17 4 30 03) Ink and charcoal on A3 cartridge

Figure 04 (17 4 30 04) Ink and charcoal on A3 cartridge

The corrections can be easily made either with tracing paper a la Degas or with a bit of pricking and pouncing a la Raphael, the veils are beginning to lift.

I’ll see you in the morning for a late breakfast, or an early lunch, I hate the word brunch it is neither breakfast nor lunch.

Love as always

Mickos x