Dear Cleo 17 02 05

Dear Cleo

Today I had a busy day I watched four episodes of The Secrets of Drawing and continued with part 1 project 1

Drawing 2 Investigating drawing

PART 1 Exploring Composition

Project 1 observational drawing (continued)

I have decided that the coffee table is the last non arranged still life in the house, while I was blowing up the photographs, I became facinated with the pixels and did the following three drawings


Figure 07 (17 02 05 01) Pixelated still life, graphite on graph paper 200 x 160


Figure 08 (17 02 05 02) Pixelated still life crop, graphite on graph paper 160 x 110


Figure 09 (17 02 05 03) Playing with pixels, graphite on graph paper 160 x 110

I enjoyed doing this, I remembered that I had seen some Bridget Rilley Sketches on graph paper and fet that the graph paper would go with the pixelation. The first two are enlarged crops from the photographs working with the pixelated method ensures that adequate attention is paid to the whole of the picture surface right up to the edges.

Goodnight Darling