Dearest Cleo

Well here is my response to investigating the work of Elizabeth Blackadder


Figure 1 (17 02 26 01) Recycling Blackadder acrylic on 300lb watercolour paper 750 x 550mm

I flattened a few cans with the hammer, gently like, so that they would have interesting shapes and arranged them on the floor on a piece of paper on top of another sheet of paper jigged about with things till the arrangement pleased me and then I just painted away.

What do I like? I like that each of my objects has a bit of red in them, this keeps the eye moving across the picture. I like that putting rubbish in paintings gives them an edgy Rauschenberg feel. I like that the lack of shadows makes the objects seem to float like tropical fish. I like that  there is just enough detail in the cans to make them recognisable as cans, with more detail they would be too dominant for the yellow ground.

What don’t I like? I don’t like that the top can has a resemblance to an owl and it’s eyes keep following me round the room.

Hope you like my picture Cleo

Good night