Dear Cleo 18 11 19

Dearest Cleo

I had great fun at my Birthday Party, thank you for the lovely presents and thank you especially for the card you made for me. I must get a frame for it while I am buying one for the portrait Aunty Loz painted.

It was late in the evening in Paris, I was watching the local boys doing their stuff through the window of a nearby bar when all of a sudden, in a flash of blue lights, the street emptied.

I had been looking at the work of Caillebotte in the afternoon and was quite taken with the bridge shape outside the bar window, in the quiet of the gendarme raid I sketched this;

Figure 1 Gendarme Raid ink on A4 Cartridge

When I got home I got out the pastels and painted this;

Figure 2 Gendarme Raid pastels on 40 x 40 sugar paper.

I am a little worried that my rectangular sketches are turning into 40 x 40 squares it could be the influence of Instagram, I am going to have to guard against that.

I checked both the sketch and the pastel with the Phi Matrix Golden Section Grid and while the sketch fitted the grid very well because I am used to envisioning the golden section in a rectangle the square composition is a bit new but it didn’t look too bad with the section superimposed, maybe I am more used than I thought to the square format. I have added the section diagrams so you can decide for yourself.

Figure 3 Golden Rectangle

Figure 4 Golden square

Pastels seem just the right medium for French scenes, I wonder if they will still be available after Brexit, but then perhaps we won’t need them so much because we won’t be able to nip over to France to paint and draw.

I think I have caught some of the feel of both Caillebotte and Lowry but most of all, I have obeyed the rule of Baudelaire and painted a picture of modern life.

Thank you again for my birthday card and I am looking forward to catching up with you at the weekend.

My Love as always


Mickos xx