Dear Cleo 17 03 26

Dearest Cleo

I was really pleased to hear that you were awarded student of the week and from what your Mummy and Daddy told me you aced it in the play, concentrate on that because actors get paid a lot of money, more than footballers I think. You had a good report at Parents evening so keep it up and keep paying attention one day soon you will be cleverer than your granddad and not just with  technology.

Well, for better or worse I have spent some time with some apples and created a still life that I will submit for Assignment 1. Still life seemed to be the theme for this part of the course so I stuck with it. I set up a still life on the kitchen counter, and did this sketch.

Figure 1 ( Still life graphite on A4 cartridge paper

I looked at it for a day or so and reduced it to this.

Figure 2 ( Still life graphite on A4 cartridge paper

What I was trying to do was to give a lead in to the picture from the left hand edge and leave a margin at the right hand edge a la Blackadder to stop the eye wandering out of the picture, and also to isolate a composition from my original sketch that was more pleasing to the eye.

The next step was to change the scale, double size apples are quite imposing, so I used a piece of A2 sugar paper and enlarged the A4 sketch to suit. For the final piece I used charcoal and Conte pastels, i did not follow my sketch slavishly because the final drawing seemed to be calling out for space and depth and I invented the window and the curtain to give the composition depth and an illusion of greater three dimensionality.

Figure 3 ( Still life with apples Charcoal and Conte crayon on A2 gray sugar paper

That, I think, has managed to capture three out of four points from the brief and for the fourth I will have to rely on Cezanne who was known to extol his human sitters,”Why can’t you behave more like an apple”.

The finished piece could be a study for a painting or it could be a finished drawing in its own right, with the preliminary sketches forming the studies, I think it will have to be the latter as I do not have the time to do the painting.

Keep up the good work at school darling, it will save your nails when you grow up.

My love as always

Mickos xx