Dear Cleo 18 07 28

Dear Cleo

I hope the weather in France is better for you than it is here in London, for the past two weeks I never thought I would say that ever again after all the beautiful weather we have been having, but true to English form we have descended into rain and thunderstorms again. Do you think if Brexit goes ahead we won’t get European weather again and we will be left to wallow in our rains and winters?

Parallel Project Collaboration

Girls at the bar has come along a bit, it has haunted me throughout the course and Bryan suggested I added it to my Parallel Project.

This version started with a quick sketch of girls at the bar done in my A6 sketchbook

Figure 1 Girls at the bar ink in A6 sketchbook

I developed the sketch using a lay figure into this.

Figure 2 Girls at the bar charcoal in A2 sugar paper

I then zoomed in a little to get a closer crop.

Figure 3 Girls at the bar charcoal in A2 sugar paper

I switched then to tracing paper to do a more careful drawing.

Figure 4 Girls at the bar charcoal in A2 tracing paper

I then turned the tracing paper the other way around, conscious of the right hand edge I had learned from Elizabeth Blackadder

Figure 5 Girls at the bar charcoal and ink on A2 tracing paper

I then further cropped the composition so that the viewer was closer to the action and allowed the composition to fill the frame. I worked quickly with a Sharpie standing well back from the easel to bring a sense of looseness and vigour back into the drawing now that the proportions had been resolved.

Figure 6 Girls at the bar ink on A2 tracing paper

The final Drawing has a good sense of volume within the shallow picture space.I am pleased with the final result because it brings the image, although developed, back to the sketchbook albeit reversed. It has retained the immediacy of the sketch despite being a developed piece.

I hope you are having fun in France.

My love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 07 29

Dearest Cleo

It was lovely to catch up with you today , I am really looking forward to tomorrow catch you up in London Town.

What did I do today, well do you remember Girls at the bar, well today they came back, but I kept them at arm length. I did a tighter sketch of the bar, it wasn’t just an excuse to go to the pub it was serious research.

Figure 1 (17 07 29 01) SK 01 62 ink on A5 cartridge

I drew it up when I got home on graph paper this was something I picked up from looking at Bridget Riley’s sketches, she uses graph paper to plot out the twists in her ribbons. The graph paper is particularly good when you are doing a perspective drawings as it is easy to get the perspective right.

Figure 2 (17 07 29 02) Perspective study graphite and Sharpie on A3 graph paper

I put the barmaid in using my new Body Chan lay figure which is slowly teaching me better proportions and making me used to the way the light falls on a figure. I split the study into 9 using two charcoal lines in each direction, I did the same to the sheet of A2 cartridge and drew in the composition working at arms length.

Figure 3 (17 07 29 03) Initial composition charcoal on A2 cartridge

There was a lot of equipment involved in the creation of the final piece, an easel, various bits of charcoal, two stumps, two erasers, a brush, a kitchen roll, a stick and a taboret, why the taboret, well where else could I rest my glass of wine. This is the final creation

Figure 4 (17 07 29 04) Girls at the Bar II charcoal on A2 cartridge

I made the lone drinker up but he seems to fit even if he is a bit tall and I am becoming increasingly confident in my figures.

How long did it take? a little less than a slow bottle of wine.

I’ll see you around lunch time tomorrow somewhere near Trafalgar Square

All my love as always

Mickos x




Dear Cleo 17 07 28

Dear Cleo

I’m looking forward to catching up with you tomorrow, and I think your mum has arranged a trip to the BP Portrait Award on Sunday that I am quite looking forward to.

I have become quite passionate about drawing with my arm. I decided to switch mediums and have a go with ink. I started with my trusty sharpie and finishes with ink washes. I got to see the Hokusai prints at the British Museum, and I know that the wood block prints were cut from ink drawings pasted to the woodblocks

I was pleased with the result I had obtained in the last drawing working from my A6 sketchbook; I decided to mine the same source again. I chose a sketch I did while I was enjoying a pint of Czechoslovakian lager in the Sheffield Taps.

Figure 1 (17 07 28 01) SK 03 11 ink on A5 cartridge

I am at the minute interested in the illusion of space in the picture frame and I tried to accentuate this illusion in the drawing I was doing. The ink wash is new thing too which I think has worked and the arched mirror gives it a Renaissancey feel.

Figure 2 (17 07 28 02) The Taps Sheffield Sharpie and ink wash On A2 Cartridge paper

Working at arm’s length introduces some quirks, I think the girl on the left would fit comfortably in the background of a De Kooning. I have managed to retain the immediacy of the original sketch maybe a few intermediate thumb nails would have helped in establishing the tones and lighting but I think I have pulled it off. It’s a good basis for a painting but I would need to do some studies with a model to tighten up the details.

Well my dear that’s it for tonight see you in the morning, sleep tight.

Love as always

Mickos x

Dear Cleo 17 04 29

Dear Cleo

It was great to see you this morning, we had a laugh with Auburn with the aeroplane ride, the banana and Nana Betty’s dog, and Aunty Loz is going to bring you round on Monday so we can paint together, I’m looking forward to that.

I spent the afternoon amongst other things developing a sketch into a drawing this is the sketch I was using for inspiration.

Figure 01 (SK1 41) ink on A6 cartridge

And this is the drawing I created from it

Figure 02 (17 04 29 01) Girls at the bar 1, ink and charcoal on 30 x 30cm pale ochre pastel paper

It is called 1 because I am not that happy with it 2 will be better. I was pleased that my sketch and memory were enough to turn the wirey sketch into a volumetric drawing and that the people in my head are evolving a little bit into humans but I think the technique was a little wrong. I started out with the charcoal and on reflection I should have started out with an ink drawing and the ink should be brown not black to match better with the paper.

On the plus side it has a sense of perspective and it has retained, I think, some of the liveliness of the original sketch. I added a bit more ink and charcoal just so I can get the full idea of it and I will have another go in the week.

Figure 03 (17 04 29 02) Girls at the bar 1, ink and charcoal on 30 x 30cm pale ochre pastel paper

Ah well, not every day can be a lucky day, I think today’s luck ran out after I saw you and Auburn looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

All my love as always