Dear Cleo 17 08 20

Dearest Cleo

Dorset is only three or four sleeps away and you will be back by a seaside where you can swim at will, Be sure to check out Durdle Door and see how close it is to the painting you did.

I am closing down on this part of the course, this is the last bit of Project 2, I still used the music but I reversed the order of doing. First I drew the sketch standing at the easel, if nothing else my drawing is inproving.

Figure 1 (17 08 20 01) Sketch enlarged from Sketchbook, Ink in A2 sugar paper

I then put Brams Piano concerto nr 1 on the Youtube and blindly followed the music with first he blue crayon then the red and finally the yellow I only took the photo with the blue so you will have to guess the other two.

Figure 2 (17 08 20 02) going with the music, Ink and conte crayon on A2 sugar paper

I then set about the image with Conte crayons and an eraser while listening to the end of the music and then listening to it one more time, this was the result.

Figure 3 (17 08 20 03) Back entrance to the school, Ink and conte crayon on A2 sugar paper

An artist is a child of his time and cannot recreate the past (Hegel) but is forced to stand on the shoulders of giants until his own feet can touch solid ground (Mickos).


The blind musical bit gave much movement to this drawing which has not been lost in the final realisation of the piece. The colours are bright and in your face, the shadows are cool, whilst the overall piece is warm. The tones induce recession which is emphasised by the linear perspective. the chimneys are out of proportion but in real life they grab the eye and seem in the end analysis to dominate in the scene.

I think I have one too many ears for this drawing to be a sucess, or maybe I was born a century or so too late.

Have a good time in Dorset and I will see you when you get back.

All my Love

Mickos xx