Dear Cleo 17 07 09

It was good to see you and Auby today especially as you won the silver medal for maths you are a very clever girl you just keep trying hard at stuff and you will win more medals and more prizes.

Figure 1 (17 07 09 01) Blind drawings 1 Ink on A4 cartridge

I have been doing blind drawings I did these in my sketchbook the other day and have spent the last couple of days wondering if it would be possible to learn to draw blind.

I thought hard about how I draw, when I draw I use my spare hand as a measuring tool for angles distances and proportions transferring these to the drawing as necessary. My spare hand spare hand can touch and measure the glass but I have no way of transferring this information to the drawing. I remembered that Cornelia Parker introduced texture into her drawings by using correction fluid and reasoned that if the drawings had texture my drawing hand could with practice orient itself around the page.

My first experiments were quite successful I would first draw the glass blind put it to one side to dry then overdraw blind when the first drawing had dried. At my second attempt I had produced a fairly creditable glass working this way and I am sure with more practice I would only get better. I understood that there are nine key points in the drawing of the glass so I drew the glass while I was looking at it this time in heavier texture so it would be easier and brought my spare hand into play and transferred the measurements and joined the dots. There is a blind girl in Italy called Gaia who leaned to draw probably using techniques similar to this.

Figure 2 (17 07 09 02) Blind drawings 2 correction fluid on A3 pastel paper

Professor John Kennedy in probably the world’s leading expert in this field and by following his link you will get a fascinating insight into his work and studies, and definitely not to missed is Tommy Edison on Youtube.

I hope darling that you learned as much as I did by reading this

My love as always