Dear Cleo 17 04 28

Dearest Cleo

I am looking forward to the bank holiday weekend, I have a few bits to catch up on Aunty Loz is coming down for the weekend so at some stage we will have a get together and a bit of fun and something to eat.

Meanwhile I am uploading the sketchbook pages I have done over the past week or so.

Figure 1 (SK1 40) ink on A6 cartridge

There isn.t a lot to say about this one other than the front figure is standing on a raised platform or the perspective is  out, I prefer the former, but I can’t honestly remember.

Figure 2 (SK1 41) ink on A6 cartridge

I think these people were in the same bar as the previous sketch, it must have been the Mos Eisley Cantina because there is a member of the band lurking in the background. I think it has a bit of something though and I will have a go at it in charcoal on a bigger scale.

Figure 3 (SK1 42) ink on A6 cartridge

This is definately in the same bar she lookiks so glum because she is waiting to get served and the barmaid is in her mobile phone. it is easy to read because there is a clear lead in from the left hand edge and plenty of margin on the right to stop your eye leaving the composition.

Figure 4  (SK1 43) ink on A6 cartridge

This is from the other side of the dance floor the guy in the background isn’t interested in the dancer his attention is caught by someone on the other other side of the dancefloornotice the conntrast in markmaking between the mobile dancer and the static observer.

Figure 5 (SK1 44) ink on A6 cartridge

It’s late in the evening (Clapton) and time for a slow number I like the way that the two figures blend into one set off by the white highlights of the girl’s top.

Figure 6 (SK1 45) ink on A6 cartridge

It is drinking up time now and as confirmation that I have been in the Mos Eisley Cantina, Admiral Akbar puts in an appearance (second from the left)

Figure 7 (SK1 46) ink on A6 cartridge

And so to the morning after. This was done on a fab break from the life class, it is such a pretty garden and my scribbles hardly do it justice. This is probably the morning after the night before in the Mos Eidley Cantina.

This is a seminal point in my sketchbook work Cleo,all the above sketches were done BC (Before Critisism) the sketches that follow were all done AD (After Direction) I think there is a definate difference, but let me know what you think.

Figure 8 (SK1 47) ink on A6 cartridge

This is a sketch done outside my Mums while I was on a fag break, as well as drawing what was in front of me, I was pondering the use of the totem in modern society. every ten houses has a telegraph pole and a streetlight should we be carving our telegraph poles as a mark of our very existance?

Figure 9 (SK1 48) ink on A6 cartridge

My Mum and Dad on the couch watching the snooker. these few sketches are less rushed because there is less frenetic movement in them. Time moves more slowly when I am at Mum and Dad’s it gives me the time to be more considerate of my composition and mark making techniques.

Figure 10 (SK1 49) ink on A6 cartridge

Dad reading the news a la Cezanne. The only time I read a newspaper is when I am there, it is strange how you can drop in and out of the news as if it is a soap opera on a monthly basis. I only ever watch the TV when I am there as well, I think a month between episodes  of the news stops you worrying about it, maybe the next time I go Kim il Jong will have been written out of the series and I will have to ask Mum “What happened to the nice little Korean man who was in it the last time I was here?”

Figure 11 (SK1 50) ink on A6 cartridge

Dad having a snooze, easy bottom lead in, neat right hand margin and good solid mark making to delineate the subject from the ground. The left contour of Dad splits the picture space nicely in two leaving an inverted negative space that echoes the pose and good use of perspective to give depth to the picture plane. One of the problems with this course is it takes longer to write it down and explain than it does to see these things, writing could be the bane of art because anyone can do it.

Figure 12 (SK1 51) ink on A6 cartridge

This lady was in the British Legion and I can see a scribbling sneaking into the sketch it could have been the lager inducing my brain  to regress to my childhood years. My eye was caught by the twirl of her dress which is definately the lager cutting in, perhaps it was a good job I had my trusty sketchbook and Mum and Dad at hand to keep me calm.

Figure 13 (SK1 52) ink on A6 cartridge

My armchairs are starting to look like armchairs, soft and cuddly, maybe I am morphing into a furniture designer.

Figure 14 (SK1 53) ink on A6 cartridge

I had been doing a drip painting using a metal kebab skewer and this is an early conpositional sketch for my assignment piece, maybe not.

Figure 15 (SK1 54) ink on A6 cartridge

Back in the Mos Eisley Cantina (Chuck Berry)

Figure 16 (SK1 55) ink on A6 cartridge

Waiting for a meeting to start the walls of the space were made of glass and the mullions were acting as zips a la Barnet Neuman perhaps I could investigate this a little more in the studio.

Figure 17 (SK2 07) wax crayons on A5 cartridge

This is me experimenting at mark making with my wax crayons its turned out like one of those drone shots where the trucks of the latest enemy of civilisation are blown up, maybe this is what I do in real life when I am asleep.

Figure 18 (SK2 08) wax crayons on A5 cartridge

Practise over, I tried a real picture with the wax crayons this is a view from the train window, done from memory of course, as the train was going at some kind of warp drive speed. I am getting a bit used to the wax crayons and growng to like them maybe the assignment could be Wax Crayons in wax crayon,

Well my dear, I hope you managed to stay reading until the end, please forgive the odd miss spelling as I am typing straight into the virtual not using my usual cut and paste method from Word (TM) and I haven’t worked out where the virtual spell check is yet. “Where were going we don’t need Word (TM)”

Love as always