Dear Cleo 17 10 02

Dear Cleo

I hope you had a good day at school, Mondays are always the hardest. In the old days there was a song about Mondays, I’ll play it for you the next time you come over.

More photographs that inspire me, these are of the Hogan Stand when I went to Dublin.

The first one is about lines, the very straight man made lines of the stand structure and pitch markings, the drawing in the gold tickertape that is a record of the movements of the winning team on the pitch, I never knew pieces of tickertape were so long. I have had hours of fun with a pair of framing angles isolating sections of the crowd as well.

Figure 1 (17 10 02 01) Hogan Stand 01 Digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

The rest of the photos are of the structure of the stand itself, as you know, in my work, I am used to looking at drawings of structures and imagining what they will be like when they are built, I find it interesting to look at a completed building and strip it down into its blue print lines. There is probably a way to reduce these photographs to lines in Photoshop but you know me, never press more buttons than you need to.

Figure 2 (17 10 02 02) Hogan Stand 02 Digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

Figure 3 (17 10 02 03) Hogan Stand 03 Digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

Figure 4 (17 10 02 04) Hogan Stand 04 Digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

Figure 5 (17 10 02 05) Hogan Stand 05 Digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

If you still have the framing angles handy, they work quite well on the photographs of the stand. While I have been writing I thought of the old days Tuesday and Wednesday songs, I expect by the time we get together I will have the whole week sorted out.

Love as always

Mickos xx