Dear Cleo 18 03 26

Dear Cleo

Well we both got the first day of the short week over hope yours went better than mine, it was harder than I imagined, but it is over now and I can carry on with my story.

I bought a new orchid, some orchid food and decided she should be called Blanche because she is fairly white with a touch of Naples yellow. I sat her on the coffee table a drew this;

Figure 1 ( Graphite and liquid chalk on A5 cartridge

Blanch had a better structure than her predecessor she was easier to draw and the experiment with the liquid chalk was beginning to produce some interesting mark making. Again I flipped the drawing over in photoshop assessing the composition.

Figure 2 ( Digital image

I tried again this time trying to break down the clumsiness of Blanche’s blooms giving her a more elegant look

Figure 3 ( Graphite and liquid chalk on A5 cartridge

Figure 4 ( Digital image

I liked the way it was going and was beginning to be happy with the design. I tend to speed up as I near my quarry so I solidified the design a bit with a Sharpie. And then did a quick notan.

Figure 5 ( Sharpie on A5 cartridge

Figure 6 ( Digital image

Figure 7 ( Sharpie on A5 cartridge

Figure 8 ( obverse Sharpie on A5 cartridge

I was nearing my goal I when disaster struck, I was side tracked by the marks that had bled through on the next page of the sketchbook.

Figure 9 ( Imprint Sharpie on A5 cartridge

While I could still join the dots mentally to form Blanche I was fascinated by how the meaningless dots had an independent volume and space, and space was where I went next. The beginning of It’s a Wonderful Night or any of the Star Wars films, we like to look at stars, the Hollywood moguls know that, a tip they picked up from Vincent, maybe it is the way home. Just like Leonardo staring at an old wall or looking into the fire for inspiration, men and women since time immemorial have looked for patterns in the stars, the fates, ancient sailors and wise men from the East, there is a lot of History in the stars.

A major theme this section of the course is time and what could be more timeless than stars. I am not sure how long a light year is, but it seems like a very long timesince my underpants and tights were destroyed on my passage through the stratosphere and because of that I was unable to be a superhero. I became a builder and part time artist instead, forever condemned to wear the mild mannered glasses without the freedom and thrills of interstellar lycra. If you find any for sale on ebay, please pass on the link.

I used early space age tools such as Microsoft and Photoshop to create the Blanche constellation in the galaxy Orchidae, I felt like Smartiblartflast on a good week.

The resultant images appear below so please feel free to redraw your own star sign from them so that you can make it up as you go along, without listening to those charlatans in the newspapers and on the web. I have named the working drawings again, but everybody seems to think it important that constellations and galaxies have names. Look slowly at my images of Constellation Blanche and appreciate the light years of depth I have created on a flat peice of paper of A5 size.

I have just noticed the sinilarity between the words Gallaxy and Gallery, I looked them up on the internet, they are both decendeded from the Greek, the “x” denotes the God or Supreme Being the “r” denotes a supreme creator possibly from another planet or dimension.

Figure 10 ( Constellation Blanche in the Gallaxy Orchidae digital image

Figure 11 ( Constellation Blanche Digital image

Well my dearest we came a long way from home on this post both in time and distance perhaps tomorrow we will come back to earth with a bump or maybe I have enough control over this ship to give us an easy landing.

My love as always

Mickos xx