Dear Cleo 17 03 31

Dearest Cleo

I hope you are well and that you did your homework today without all the grief that you gave your Daddy last Friday while I was at your house. I know you were a bit over whelmed by the day but I hope you have settled down now and are back in the routine. Keep the head down babe and throw the tantrum when no one can see.

For me, I have finished my homework for part 1 of my course; I have enjoyed it immensely and had great fun doing it discovering more about my art and myself at every turn. I had a bit of self doubt here and there and I think I may have done a slight wrong turn in interpreting Matisse on canvas rather than on paper. I was a little confused and over excited but I now think I understand that the outlying definition of a drawing is that it must be on paper, whatever the medium.

Investigating my own drawings was a bit of a first or me, I only used to use them for squaring up from, it was strange to let them grow from a carefully arranged composition of a still life into a new  composition altogether.

I found the Blackadder School of composition very interesting because I didn’t look at patterns that way this new way of seeing was very beneficial on the gallery visits I have been on sonce studying that part of this course.

The research I have done in this part of the course seems to be feeding back into  my drawings in ways that I don’t fully understand yet, space seems to be opening up in my sketches, maybe I am learning to see in a different way, and perhaps I am. I want to see the discrete steps of the thought process that produces seeing in my brain, I know it all happens in milliseconds but there must be a way of slowing it down so that I can watch the growth of the fully formed image. A bit like the Abstract Expressionist paintings by Ad Reinhardt that are black but if you take the time to look, the colours appear as if by magic. (this even happens with the reproductions but is much better in real life)

So I am back now to Leonardo’s staring at the patterns on stained walls but I think I am beginning to see more than I did before.

Stay lucky until the weekend and I will see you then.