Dear Cleo 18 03 30

Dear Cleo

I hope you are having a good time in Dorset, I will miss you while you are gone but already I can’t wait to see you when you get back.

It was the Bank Holiday today so I went arting, I went to the Tate Britain to see Impressionists in London and All too Human.

I also found a free exhibition of the work of Henry Moore that included the work Pale Shelter

Figure 1 ( Pale shelter by Henry Moore

I was amazed by the similarities between my own mark making in Blanche the Orchid and Moore’s in this piece.

I later went to the National gallery and found this in the rather unconventional Tacita Dean exhibition on Still Life.

Figure 2 ( A cup of water and a rose by Francisco de Zurbaran

Is it possible that the original title of this work could have been A Cup of Rose Water and an Orchid, or that Orchids weren’t around in mainland Europe back then and Zurbaran’s imaginings of the future included my drawing?

Perhaps the most logical explanation to this is that when I am working and listening to music I commune unconsciously with artists of the past whose work I have not yet seen. Perhaps I should give this up and become an art forger.

The Tacita Dean exhibition is in room 19 at the National Gallery like a typical man I refused to buy a map and wandered the gallery looking for it, after I had found it I then wandered the gallery looking for the exit. I saw some truly wonderful things that someday I will unconsciously recall in my trance like working state.

I don’t often take photos in galleries on the basis that the flash from the phone does minute damage to the painting and if I want an image of what I am looking at I can buy one in the gallery shop but I just had to take a photograph of this.


Figure 2 ( Digital photograph

It is a detail of the foreground of Velasquez’ Philip IV hunting Wild Boar about 600mm x 150. I am a big fan of Velasquez, and have searched out his paintings across Europe and though I have seen this painting many times as it is a local Velasquez, until today’s chance encounter it was one of my least favourites, now it is right up there with Las Meninas and the Water seller.

I will need to return to the National when it is quieter to see if the machine in the gallery shop can print a detail of a painting as my own meagre effort is quite ruined by the flash.

Please bring me more pebbles or shells from Dorset

My love as always

Mickos xx