Dear Cleo 18 04 30

Dearest Cleo

I didn’t see you at the weekend because I went to the inaugural London Group Workshop, and although I really missed seeing you, I really enjoyed the Study day.

The study day was arranged by Arlene and the leader of the workshop was a lovely lady called Caroline Wright. Caroline is an OCA tutor but her real passion I think is arranging happenings. She spoke at some length regarding three of her happenings, so much so that I began to understand the amount of work and planning that goes into them and maybe something about the meaning of them. I have seen happenings before and was a bit at sea explaining them to myself but with Caroline’s help I really began to understand things. I have attached a link to three clips from u tube and maybe when we catch up next I will be able to field any question you have.

The rest of the workshop was about experimental drawing and was very practical. You had to bring something that would fit in your hand. As I had been struggling to tame the Horses of the Apocalypse, I took them along so they could get a bit of fresh air.

It turned out to be a great idea, my brain tricked by the experimentation of it all, stopped concentrating on the reality of the horses and instead focused on the essence of the horses.

I made three drawings that I am quite proud of, the last one I am particularly proud of because I think it even smells like a horse.

Figure 1 ( Graphite horse, graphite on A4 cartridge

Figure 2 ( Horse, graphite, charcoal and collage on A4 cartridge

Figure 3 ( Horse 1, graphite and charcoal on A4 cartridge

I showed Horse 1 for critique at the drawing 2 hangout group and here is an extract from the minutes of the critique that were compiled by Gina “a horse, although abstract, had the qualities of shape and movement that were recognised as the subject. Responses included observations of the sense of movement, layers of drawing and negative space being used as part of the drawing.”

In the afternoon I drew a plant in the garden that turned Rouseau like into palm trees in the Syrian desert shading the Horses of the Apocolypse, I think I was a bit worried about the Syrian thing, but the horses came straight out of my head

Figure 4 ( Anticipating an apocalypse in Syria, graphite ink and chalk pen on A3 cartridge

I hope you have a good week at school and get ready for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

My love as always

Mickos xx