Dear Cleo 17 02 03

Dearest Cleo

Well little woman, thing are progressing at a pace already, Amazon, as is their want, posted Drawing Ambiguity Beside the lines of contenporary art through my letter box today, I only ordered it as it was recommended by Amazon when I tried to buy the book I really wanted. The book I really wanted and bought will only be delivered in about a weeks time, so I will write about that in the future.

I really enjoyed watching ” The School of Rock”with you, the last time I watched it was with your Mum an Aunty Loz when Aunty Loz was a little older than you are now

Following our meeting today, I read the preface and the introduction to Drawing Ambiguity and while it involved less than the normal ammout of words and pictures I need to look up on Google, it was still quite daunting. It included the following quote by Georges Perec “I put a picture up on a wall.Then I forget there is a wall…. The wall is no longer what delimits and defines the space ,that which separatesit from the other places where other people live. It is nothing more than a support for the picture.”

The quote is a summary plot of Stephen King’s novella “The Shawshank Rebellion” and hopefully you will have read the book before we watch the film together.

It set me to thinking though, that there is a relationship between great art and the soul or what is commonly known as the emotions or in art the expressiveness.

In the begining, art, music, drinking, dancing and feasting were aligned. The tribes’ Shaman with his mask and his musicians,the dancing, the smell and taste of the food and wine appealed to all five senses and so had the ability to touch the soul, or expressive qualities of his tribe.

In the so called dark ages the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths banned the production of graven images, probably to diminish the influence and the power of the shaman.and it was only in the fourth century that the christian church began to realiise that the combined exposure to multi sensory perception could effect the expressiveness of their flock or touch their souls. Think of being in a church looking at the artwork, listening to the choir, touching the woodwork of the bench, smelling and almost tasting the  the insence.

It is no wonder the movies  are popular, add popcorn and holding the hand of the person next to you, the next time you are there pay attention to the smell and why do you think the supermarket has an instore bakery. I think I read once that those great patrons of the arts, the Medici, popularised the opera during the Renaiscance.

Think now of Michaelangelo, touching and seeing the David while listening to the sound of his hammer and chisel and tasting and smelling the stone dust as he carved, his perceptory senses were fully engaged as his soul expressively sculpted the David.

Think of Vermeer, and Picasso whose paintings abound with musical instruments yet there is no stories of them being proficient musicions. I dont have a mandolin or a guitar to include in my still lives but I would readily include a musician to bridge that gap and why do oh so many still life paintings include wine or food as their subject?

Great art seems to come from deploying the five senses so that the soul or expression comes to the fore, even Vincent could have been listining to the voices on his head to complete the five.

I digress my dear, comming back to reallity (Billy Joel) here are todays sketches



Figure 1 (17 02 03 01) Marks on a washed down pub blackboard,Sharpie on A6 sketchbook



Figure  2 (17 02 03 02) Still life with wine  appealing to to the senses,Sharpie on A6 sketchbook

I know the titles are long but it saves me from going into paragraphs of explanation, maybe I already did that above.

Sleep well my dear

Love Mickos x