Drar Cleo 17 08 05

Dearest Cleo

I hope you wasn’t too tired this morning, it was good to watch The Princess Bride together last night. I hadn’t seen it for a long time and had forgotten how good it was.

I am carrying on with the full arm drawings, it is more fun when the exercise is done and you can play and experiment. I was quite busy doing other stuff but I set a still life up on the table, put the easel next to it. I didn’t get as much of the other stuff done as the breaks got longer but it was worth it to create these.

Figure 1 (17 08 05 01) Still life 1 Sharpie and charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

Figure 2 (17 08 05 02) Still life 2 Sharpie charcoal and Conte crayons  on A2 grey sugar paper

Drawing an arm’s length from the paper is starting to get easier. I saw some photographs of Cezanne painting in the week, they were still photographs but from the way he was standing, he looked like he was dancing. Maybe the wobbly perspective has something to do with that. It certainly felt like it today.

You will have to tell your Mummy and Daddy to go out more on a Friday night because you have several films I haven’t seen in a long while, don’t get over excited it’s only two sleeps until you go to Italy, lucky girl.

Love as always

Mickos x