Dear Cleo 17 02 02

Dearest Cleo

Well it is time to move on from Mickos the hat my learning log to a new level,drawing 2 starts today. I have read the course outline and it seems pretty daunting, I remember all those years ago when I read the Mick Maslin book and the Experimental drawing book on the train on the way to life class in Bethnal Green. Maybe it is time to get them back out again and refresh my memory. It is time to get focused, gird your loins, think hard and embark on a whole new adventure. I have ordered the Primacy of Drawing and Drawing ambiguity from Amazon so I will have plenty to read tomorrow anyway.

I have been looking at cubist drawings and attempting to understand the thinking behind them, I bought  psuedoscope which is a contraption with mirrors offering a whole new vision of the world and I think I can see in a cubist way through it. It needs a good bit more experimentation yet but it offers hope in the investigation I am carryng on. I have attached my first feeble attempt of a cubist still life, let me know what you think.

I am having a whole new set of problems with the wordpress but I can see these being overcome with much time and a little bit of patience.


Figure 1(17 02 02) Still life. Graphite and Sharpie on A4 cartridge