Dear Cleo 18 11 28

Dearest Cleo

I was talking to your mum today and heard that your new bed has come for your room and that she is picking up your new bedding on Thursday evening, I think you might be cosy and snug in there until you are at least a teenager. Me I am reflecting on the Miro exhibition I saw in Paris

Although Miro is grouped with the Surrealists, he himself would not have accepted this grouping, he was at heart a colourist. He avoided being part of a group or school even though at times his paintings had a hint of Surrealism, Fauvism and Cubism. He fiercely maintained his independent stance his whole life.

The exhibition I attended at the Grand Palais in Paris was a retrospective of his whole career starting with his early realist work, dabbling with various isms and on to his final pieces from the Blue series of the 1960’s and onwards to the eighties the exhibition was probably a slightly extended version of that held in the same venue in 1974.

The retrospective aspect made quite an impression on me, it was almost as if once he could do something he would move on and try something new, in a way that is how I am feeling doing this course, once I can do something and prove to myself I can do it well I feel the need to move to pastures new.

His later paintings after he got his new studio in Palma were mural sized and very imposing for that, but that does not take away from his earlier paintings which were smaller as he lived in a house. Maybe that is something else I can look forward to in the future. It is funny the constraints that are placed on a painter that you wouldn’t imagine unless you really stopped to consider.

Miro claimed his inspiration came from his dreams but he also confessed to staring at walls and ceilings his painting Harlequins Carnival emphasises the patterns on the wall this, is reminiscent of Leonardo and could give an enterprising curator the opportunity to hang the two artists together.

Figure 1 Harlequins Carnival by Joan Miro

A Miro is instantly recognisable and could only ever be a Miro.

Enjoy your new bedroom

My Love as always

Mickos xx





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