Dear Cleo 17 04 29

Dear Cleo

It was great to see you this morning, we had a laugh with Auburn with the aeroplane ride, the banana and Nana Betty’s dog, and Aunty Loz is going to bring you round on Monday so we can paint together, I’m looking forward to that.

I spent the afternoon amongst other things developing a sketch into a drawing this is the sketch I was using for inspiration.

Figure 01 (SK1 41) ink on A6 cartridge

And this is the drawing I created from it

Figure 02 (17 04 29 01) Girls at the bar 1, ink and charcoal on 30 x 30cm pale ochre pastel paper

It is called 1 because I am not that happy with it 2 will be better. I was pleased that my sketch and memory were enough to turn the wirey sketch into a volumetric drawing and that the people in my head are evolving a little bit into humans but I think the technique was a little wrong. I started out with the charcoal and on reflection I should have started out with an ink drawing and the ink should be brown not black to match better with the paper.

On the plus side it has a sense of perspective and it has retained, I think, some of the liveliness of the original sketch. I added a bit more ink and charcoal just so I can get the full idea of it and I will have another go in the week.

Figure 03 (17 04 29 02) Girls at the bar 1, ink and charcoal on 30 x 30cm pale ochre pastel paper

Ah well, not every day can be a lucky day, I think today’s luck ran out after I saw you and Auburn looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

All my love as always