Dear Cleo 17 10 16

Dearest Cleo

Whitewebbs has a Sequoiadendron giganteum or giant sequoia that was planted in 1853, so it is only about 164 years old, the oldest known is 3500 years old. They are normally only found in California America and they must have been very proud of it back then, because they made a fence round it and gave it a big plaque. It is a very big tree and quite pretty. There are some young ones too about 20 years old, only about ten have grown since 1853, when they were small somebody gave them a little cage to stop the rabbits eating them but nobody looked after them since then and they have out grown their cages.

Figure 1 (17 10 16 01) Giant sequoia Whitewebbs Enfield with overgrown plaque and dilapidated enclosure Digital photograph

Figure 2 (17 10 16 02) Young giant sequoia Whitewebbs Enfield outgrows its rabbit cage Digital photograph

The cage brought to mind An Act of Terror or Neglect that I drew the other day so I did this.

Figure 3 (17 10 16 03) Sequoia set free charcoal and pastels on A2 sugar paper

Well dear I hope you found that interesting, if you remind me I will take you to see the giant redwood before the winter sets in.

Love as always

Mickos xx