Dear Cleo 17 02 07

Dear Cleo

Well I have finished the introduction to drawing ambiguity and I now understand lots of things, but that was only with the help of Google.

Chaos theory is very similar to conspiracy theory but Chaos theory looks forward, whereas conspiracy theory looks into the past.

Chaos theory goes something like this, Chelsea are nine points clear at the top of the Premier league, it would take an incredible series of chaotic events for them not to win the Premier League, such as the centre forward sustaining an injury or a bad bounce of the ball at Sunderland, Watford and Burnley denying them the title. It could even be as a result of an Amazonian butterfly flapping its wings at the wrong time.

Conspiracy theory goes like this; we are going to name and shame the butterfly in the Amazon that denied Chelsea the title.

There was also the jerk equation, which no one but the janitor in Good Will Hunting could ever solve.  If I put an equation in my painting would it evoke subconscious feelings of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in viewers of a certain age? It was a pretty equation though but I don’t have the fonts to write it but think triple quadratic and you will have a good enough impression of it.

The book also introduced me to a number of philosophers and their ideas and with a bit of Googling I am beginning to know them but only in the sense that I know the postman, and definitely not in the sense that Vincent knew Joseph Roulin, his postman.

So I am learning lots but I am unsure as yet how it is helping with my drawing, maybe I should draw butterflies. Staying with the subject of drawing I have printed off some copies of my still life drawing and am playing about with them with marker pens and tracing paper, hopefully I can send you the results of my experiments tomorrow.