The Rubbish Paintings

I have almost become an Eco warrior through this part of the course but like Delacroix I have stopped short of manning the barricades or gluing myself to the London streets.

I am saddened by the insensitivity of the public to the devastation we are causing on our planet, plastic will be the death of our race.

If it is in a plastic bag but lying on the streets it assumes a certain sense of neatness, almost art, maybe these people take their cue from Christo and Jeanne Claude, but their do it yourself wrapping projects are definately the blight of our streets.

I have only ever seen photographs of a completed Christo and Jeanne Claude installation, but I have made a painting of the results of the insensitive people’s street art.

Figure 1 Dolphin food oils on 50 x 40 cm board

There is a strange beauty to these individual wrapping projects. one wonders what is contained beneath the plastic wrappings almost like guessing the contents of a wrapped Christmas present, and then the mind recoils, it is the detritus of our society, our offering to the tree, for the tree to pass to the dolphin, that we all know and love and want to swim with, how better he can surface and entertain if his stomach is full of micro plastics.

The very best producers of micro plastics are our supermarkets, although they have been recently curtailed by government, you have to have a till code to purchase cigarettes or alcohol for personal consumption but they will provide you with dolphin poison willy nilly.

My second painting is based around the major suppliers of dolphin poison, you can probably recognise the house colours of the major supermarket chains.

As a medium, plastic is a wonderful, it has both the transparency and opacity of oil paint and a great range of tones and is in turns translucent and opaque and possesses a marvellous textual feel.

My painting was of course inspired by the recent exhibition I saw of Sean Scully and of course Ad Rinehart.

Figure 2 Dolphin feeders 50 x 40 cm Plastic collage on board

Figure 3 Concrete plant oil on 40 x 50 cm board

My third painting was based on the local concrete plant which is making emissions that are almost unfathomable. My day job involves extensive use of concrete and while I can understand that it is a necessary evil for the progress of society, I could weep at the devastation it causes to the environment.



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