Dear Cleo 18 05 06

Dearest Cleo

It is supposed to be the best weather since 1996 so make the most of it, I was cooped up all day drawing for the start of the book, I did venture out but only to sketch the concrete plant.

I worked out the size of the book to make it easy for the printer and made a template for the size of the images. Them I drew the first of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The English translation has Death riding a pale horse, but it is a poor translation of the Greek word that means literally a greeny horrible sickly colour or a horse of a different colour.

WP_20180506_22_57_12 int_Rich

Figure 1 ( Death and War graphite Sharpie and coloured pencil on A2 grey sugar paper

WP_20180507_12_42_21 int_Rich

Figure 2 ( Serpent graphite Sharpie and coloured pencil on A2 grey sugar paper.

I am beginning to understand why Botticelli never finished his artist’s book, at this rate I may never finish Drawing 2, still each one completed means there is one less to do.

Enjoy the fine weather.

My love as always

Mickos xx