Dear Cleo 17 02 04

It is time to begin the serious work of completing the course so without further ado I plunge into Project 1

Drawing 2 Investigating drawing

PART 1 Exploring Composition

Project 1 observational drawing

I thought about the brief and then thought about it some more, and decided that there no inconspicuous areas of a room in my house.

I drew and painted my house numerous times in part I of this course without even considering the why.

Firstly the outside walls are a given, as are the external window and door shapes, laid down more than a hundred years ago by a builder and an architect to suit the living requirements of the time. Twenty years ago I extended the house at the back in conjunction with an architect to provide a better internal living space. From the outside the extension blends perfectly with the original design

The inside enclosed spaces were a given but over the course of a century there have been adaptions, only small but significant, the main one being knocking two rooms into one to form a larger living area.

The house forms a perfect living space for me and Freya my cat which is pretty amazing really as it was designed as a family home before the electrical age let alone the electronical age.

I have lived in this house for thirty years and have adapted it to suit the needs of a family, a weekend retreat for my daughters and a home for Freya and me, in every way the space has succeeded. I am in awe of the skill of the 19th century architect who designed a space flexible enough to achieve this.

Leaving aside the architect of this space, I have filled the space with furniture that I feel is sympathetic and functional with the internal space within the limits imposed by the designers of the furniture whom I feel sure communed with the architect of this space if only by Ouija board. How can Ikea furniture sympathise with architecture designed over a century ago in a different country? That it does is a tribute to Ikea’s designers. The furniture being large tends to be static which only leaves the ornamentation, the pictures on the wall change only when I have painted a better one and the statuary remains largely stationary.

To recap, my home is a vast still life arranged by me to be soothing to me, the only time there is ever an inconspicuous area of a room is a temporal one, an unmade bed, a pile of unwashed dishes, the shopping that has not been put away yet, the current painting I am working on or the books and magazines on the coffee table.

It is here that I focus on the coffee table, my cleaner rearranges the books and magazines on the coffee table so that they are in neat piles with their edges square to the coffee table edges my arrangement of these books and magazines is much more haphazard and I am wondering if it is a subconscious arrangement of a still life or an inconspicuous area of a room. Now that I have noticed the fact I suppose I will never know, because I will be forever conscious of the temporary still life on my coffee table.

I have taken some photographs of the way it is at present, it is only a day since the cleaner has been so it is still pretty orderly and I will take more photographs of the changes to it over the coming weeks as the coffee table becomes a fully functioning still life. In the meantime I will continue my search for an inconspicuous area of a room.



Figure 1 (17 02 05 01) Coffee table 01 photograph



Figure 02 (17 02 05 02) Coffee table 02 photograph



Figure 03 (17 02 05 03) Coffee table 03 photograph



Figure 04 (17 02 05 04) Coffee table 04 photograph



Figure 05 (17 02 05 05) Coffee table 05 photograph



Figure 06 (17 02 05 06) Coffee table 06 photograph

All the best