Dear Cleo 18 09 06

I Went to the National Gallery of Ireland to see “Roderic O’Conor and the Moderns between Paris and Pont-Aven.”

Roderic was an Irish artist who mingled with Van Gogh and Gauguin in Northern France in the latter part on the Nineteenth Century. I have yet to read the Catalogue and never read any of the walls in the gallery, but Roderic was involved in post impressionism and in his work you can see the beginnings of the green stripe but as there are lots of green stripes in his work, the green stripes mingle in an impressionist type of way without being as forthright and isolated as Matisse’s green stripe.

There are parts of me that wonders how come that Roderic is not better known and maybe this exhibition is an attempt to redress that. Perhaps if I was Irish, I would be more aware of Irish Artists and their work, may be I am as patriotic as Greenberg, but as an art student I should at least be western and as a contemporary art student I should be globalist, our blind spots and prejudices come into view when least expected. For my own part, I was captivated by his drawings and more especially by his paintings.

The exhibition was a revelation on how a relatively obscure artist could be involved in the fore front of Post Impressionism.

After seeing the exhibition I had enough time to spend an hour viewing the gallery’s modern collection from 1850 to 1950 where I discovered more Irish artists.


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