Dear Cleo 17 02 24

Dearest Cleo

How are you, hope you enjoyed the books that the book fairy sent and you haven’t read them all yet. Me, I have been quite busy, I have finished reading the book by Dr Kandel, apart from strengthening the points I have already explained to you the good doctor had little else of note to say, apart from one thing, he gave a very plausible explanation for the gold and white, blue and black wedding dress, that was all the rage on the internet last year. It is difficult to explain in writing but if we talk through it the next time we are together, you will understand the concept quite quickly.

As you know I Went to Oxford last Sunday to see the exhibition that was recommended by Megan. The exhibition at the Ashmolean was called “From Degas to Picasso”, It featured some terrific drawings and a few paintings starting with Ingres and ending with Picasso. Many of the artists during this time frame were featured but the curator of the exhibition, in my humble opinion, failed to draw a line of progression across the period, preferring instead to state there was no clear progression. I am sure there is a progression, and the stumbling block in the exhibition seemed to be the link between Cezanne and Cubism. Cubism is viewed as a revolution but even Picasso acknowledged his debt to Cezanne, it is something I am researching and I will let you know when I find a more tenuous link. Regardless of that, the drawings on show were fantastic, as usual I bought the catalogue and can hardly wait to leaf through it with you.

I have been planning my still life in the style of Elizabeth Blackadder and in the course of my planning noticed something about her paintings that I forgot to mention in my analysis of her work and that is that there are no cast shadows in her still lives. Only western art uses cast shadows and as Blackadder is painting Chinese and Japanese themes in her work this makes perfect sense, for my own still life I have not yet decided but I will soon, it exists almost fully formed in my head but I have yet to commit my ideas to paper.

I look forward to seeing you at the weekend