Dear Cleo 17 07 29

Dearest Cleo

It was lovely to catch up with you today , I am really looking forward to tomorrow catch you up in London Town.

What did I do today, well do you remember Girls at the bar, well today they came back, but I kept them at arm length. I did a tighter sketch of the bar, it wasn’t just an excuse to go to the pub it was serious research.

Figure 1 (17 07 29 01) SK 01 62 ink on A5 cartridge

I drew it up when I got home on graph paper this was something I picked up from looking at Bridget Riley’s sketches, she uses graph paper to plot out the twists in her ribbons. The graph paper is particularly good when you are doing a perspective drawings as it is easy to get the perspective right.

Figure 2 (17 07 29 02) Perspective study graphite and Sharpie on A3 graph paper

I put the barmaid in using my new Body Chan lay figure which is slowly teaching me better proportions and making me used to the way the light falls on a figure. I split the study into 9 using two charcoal lines in each direction, I did the same to the sheet of A2 cartridge and drew in the composition working at arms length.

Figure 3 (17 07 29 03) Initial composition charcoal on A2 cartridge

There was a lot of equipment involved in the creation of the final piece, an easel, various bits of charcoal, two stumps, two erasers, a brush, a kitchen roll, a stick and a taboret, why the taboret, well where else could I rest my glass of wine. This is the final creation

Figure 4 (17 07 29 04) Girls at the Bar II charcoal on A2 cartridge

I made the lone drinker up but he seems to fit even if he is a bit tall and I am becoming increasingly confident in my figures.

How long did it take? a little less than a slow bottle of wine.

I’ll see you around lunch time tomorrow somewhere near Trafalgar Square

All my love as always

Mickos x