Dear Cleo 18 07 09

Dear Cleo

Today is, I think, the start of your last week at school so when I see you next weekend it will be the first day of your holidays, how busy next weekend is, will  depend on the result in Russia on Wednesday so we will postpone our weekend away until later in your holiday. Last night I dreamed of the alien queen she wasn’t that scary and the explanation is below.

Parallel Project Collaboration

03 Der der der der der

The things that are in our heads need to see the light of day so that we can share our unique visions with others. Some things are buried deep within our heads and surface only within our dreams and nightmares, the Alien Queen is one of mine. She can be tempted to the surface with strong cheese before bed but brings with her a restless night.

Dreams and nightmares have played a big part in the history of art, one only has to look at the work of Goya, Redon and the Surrealists to see this. In a different way, however, all the great religious paintings of the past are products of artists imaginations brought to life. Their imaginations were helped by careful observations of the natural world as a tool to bring their visions to believable creations in much the same way that Hollywood has created the aliens from Star Wars.

While I did have a vision of the Alien Queen in my head she didn’t really look like how she has turned out. I began by forming the grid using some black quilling paper that I found in the art shop, then drew into the grid using Sharpie and pastels increasing and adapting the grid as necessary as I went.  

Figure 1 A dream of the Alien Queen collage, pastel and sharpie on A2 sugar paper.

Don’t be afraid of her and just in case, don’t eat strong Cheese before bed.

My love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 09 29

Dear Cleo

It was great to see you this morning, and I had great fun watching you draw, you are such a natural at it.


3 Der der der der der

Now that the aliens have gone home, I did two drawings from my imagination. This was the first;

Figure 1 (17 09 29 01) Untitled, so as to protect the innocent, XL charcoal on sugar paper.

Drawing is now teaching me things, my head is full of stuff that needs to get out and drawing allows them to escape. I am doing  part 4 at the minute that is about interacting with the landscape but there is a very personal landscape inside my head itching to get out.

I think there is a touch of the Egyptian about her which is as close to alien as you ever going to get.

It rained, I sat and thought a while and drew this still life from my head.

Figure 2 (17 09 29 02) Imaginary still life, XL charcoal on sugar paper.

Maybe, there is some kind of connection between the voices inside my head, the aliens, the Egyptians and my artistic voice, could it be that it is one of them?

Anyway enough of that, tonight Mickos is in charge because Mummy and Daddy are going out, I’ll bring the paper and the pencils you choose the film, see you later.

Love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 09 27

Dear Cleo

Hope you are well, something wonderful happened last night.


3 Der der der der der

I was having a quiet night whem these people landed in the back yard, they were friendly enough and they didn’t have any pobes, and they built a pyramid and then left, as suddely as they arrived. I was listening to classical music and was able to draw them as they were exiting thier ship, building the pyramid and leaving, it is going to take me ages to take their pyramid to the tip.

Figure 1 (17 09 27 01) The Visitor, XL charcoal on A2 Cartridge paper

Figure 2 (17 09 27 02) Der der der der der, XL charcoal on A2 Cartridge paper

Figure 3 (17 09 27 03) And I think I’ll build a pyramid today, XL charcoal on A2 Cartridge paper

Figure 4 (17 09 27 04) We are your friends, XL charcoal on A2 Cartridge paper

Don’t worry, they are gone now, their afterburner made a terrific noise and left a scorchmark on the pyramid, but luckily it got rid of the weeds in the yard. God knows how they got the stones for the pyramid, they look kind of Welsh but they should go easily into the rubble skip at the tip.

I will see you at the weekend and fill you in with all the details of their visit, let me know what film we are going to watch because I am babysitting.

Love as allways

Mickos xx