Dear Cleo 18 03 24

Dear Cleo

I am looking forward to meeting up with you tomorrow when we can enjoy a giggle and some olives and share our stories from the week. This story, I feel, will be too long to tell in the time available, so I shall put it here so you can read it at your leisure.

The project brief suggested a photorealistic drawing so I set to work with the bag of shells you brought me in an attempt to work out a composition ready to do the said drawing.

Figure 1 ( Shells with grid graphite on A5 cartridge

First off I drew a few of the shells to make sure that once I decided on a composition it would look suitably shell like. I then scattered the tiny shells on the coffee table and poked at them with the end of the pencil making quick sketches of any striking arrangements. I pushed them this way and that way.

Figure 2 ( Shells compositions 1 graphite on A5 cartridge

Then I pushed them that way and this way and any which way

Figure 3 ( Shells composition 2 graphite on A5 cartridge

I then decided to impose some order and composed the two bar Shell Symphony Tide in, Tide out, that repeats ad infinatum, all shells sing it all the time when you hold them close to your ear. It’s a piece for full orchestra and choir in three nine time, but it didn’t make for a pretty picture. I tried to rescue it with the chalk pen that I bought off the internet, but to no avail.

Figure 4 ( Shell Symphony “The song of the sea” graphite and liquid chalk on A5 cartridge

Back to the sketchbook, I added snails and more shells, then I thought of Michelle and tried a quick composition of the Beatles live at Shea stadium it had repetition and composition but like the shells it didn’t move me

Figure 5 ( Shells with snails and Beatles graphite on A5 cartridge

Enough already a change of direction is required. This dalliance with shells, snails, symphonies and Beatles may not be the way forward, I shall forge a new path tomorrow.

Sleep well my dearest and dream big.

My love as always

Mickos xx