Dear Cleo 18 11 25

Dearest Cleo

It was great to see you this morning congratulations again on your 100% in maths but more especially on your pen licence I hope the pen we bought works well for you and don’t forget it was only a penny more than £11.99.

I have been carrying on with the collages as I said I would, but I have stopped using the scissors, preferring instead to rip the papers because it is quicker and more random shapes arise.

Generally the rips are odd shaped because I am avoiding anything figurative at the moment. I have avoided adding meaningful titles because looking at them I can see things that are not there and the people who have seen them so far have recorded seeing different things. It is a sort of interaction between the viewer and the work that I can’t influence.

I am reading an excellent book at the minute called The Principles of Art that argues in degrees of art, all art contains an element of craft, representative art  is representative first and art second and non representative art is magical. Here are the next four collages in the Rip off series;

Figure 1 ST number 05 collage on A5 card

Figure 2 ST number 06 collage on A5 card

Figure 3 ST number 07 collage on A5 card

Figure 4 ST number 08 collage on A5 card

I hope you had a good time in Ikea this afternoon and you found what you were looking for, for your bedroom.

My love as always

Mickos xx


Collingwood, R.G. (1958) The Principles of Art. London: Oxford University Press.