Dear Cleo 17 08 09

Dearest Cleo

I would imagine you have been swimming today, to escape the heat in Italy, London is swimming today, it has not stopped raining all day, the internet says a month’s rain will fall here today, I think it is about two weeks in with more to come. Anyway I am not getting too overcast or downcast, I am listening to music and drawing to pass the time.

This is today’s tune;

It is only a short piece about five and a half minutes long on the first listening I created this with my eyes closed.

Figure 1 (17 08 09 01) Meditation I Sharpie on A2 gray sugar paper

I have turned the image upside down because that is what I did before listening the second time. The second time I worked with the brush and ink as I did yesterday, in my excitement I forgot to take a picture but on the third listen I used Conte crayon to create this.

Figure 2 (17 08 09 02) Meditation II Sharpie, ink, Conte crayon and charcoal on A2 gray sugar paper

I am not really sure where this images came from, but taking the view that this image was somewhere inside of me, and was coaxed out by the music, I will discuss it on that basis.

The top half on the female face is remarkably similar to an ex girlfriend, and before I get loads of comments saying do you still think about me, it ain’t you babe (R Zimmerman 1965) The skull part signifies it ain’t me you were looking for. The male figure is probably a self portrait of sorts, they were once my lucky green underpants, the luck, the girlfriend and the underpants all disappeared in 2005, the date has been changed to protect the innocent and not so grinning skull like.

My synthesesia (see here for the uninitiated) sees most classical music as predominately yellow, maybe I have the same brand of synthesesia as Kandinsky, I should be so lucky. (Stock, Aitken and Waterman)

The bright unsullied colours are probably a result of the speed of working, and the lask of blending, the whole thing took just sixteen and a half minutes and I have just noted a ffs in the clouds and have no idea of the significance of this. Space in the piece is achieved predominantly by overlapping of the forms and cooler back ground colour.

The grinning skull is well placed compositionally in accordance with the rule of thirds and the sharpie underdrawing gives the piece a liveliness and immediacy.

Enough already let’s try a different piece of music.

A single listen eyes open working with brush and ink created this;

Figure 3 (17 08 09 03) Joplin rag I ink, on A2 gray sugar paper

I doubt if I can begin to explain why this is inside my head, suffice it to say that the monochrome image looks good and I feel it can live without colour.

Buena notte, signorina

Mickos xx