Dear Cleo 18 08 09

Dearest Cleo

It was good to see you in the week, I am glad that you enjoyed your holiday in France and I am looking forward to drinking the bottle of Bordeaux at the weekend. Before then though I get to babysit, so choose the film well, I will bring the popcorn.

I have continued to draw from the casts, I think I have now drawn all the casts in the house. I collected them mostly from the gift shops in the galleries and museums, I am getting quite proficient at drawing them, perhaps someday soon the master will allow me to draw from the model.

Drawing from the cast was part of an artist’s training from the Renaissance to the beginning of the Twentieth Century, there are cast drawings by Vincent in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and the Picasso museum in Paris. Casts formed the basis of the Bargue drawing course and all artists with any form of academic training drew from the cast.

Casts seem to be making a bit of a comeback, the newly extended Royal Academy has put some of their casts on display, they are old and careworn, but still magnificent. The academies of realist art produce magnificent cast drawings some of which are used in Nitram charcoal’s advertisements on the internet.

One of the problems with drawing the casts in the house is that rather than being casts from the original, because of size, they are casts from models and you are reliant in the skill of the original modeller and his or her interpretation of the original sculpture.

The drawings that follow are of the casts I have drawn in the house over the last couple of months, having a three dimensional model makes capturing the form relatively easy and of course the models remain perfectly stationary.

Figure 1 The Three Graces, charcoal and chalk, A2 sugar paper

Figure 2 Venus graphite 15 x 40cm cartridge paper

Figure 3 Angel white pastel pencil on black A3 cartridge

Figure 4 Greek Statue charcoal and pastel pencil on A2 grey sugar paper

Figure 5 Athena Charcoal and white pastel pencil on 15 x 40cm sugar paper

Figure 6 Stop Dad, it’s just a sculpture of a Wooden Horse, Charcoal on A2 Watercolour paper NOT

Maybe Athena with a cell phone is just a figment of my imagination or maybe I am beginning to make a small creative leap, however, perhaps the more plausible explanation is that Deus ex machina were time travellers complete with cell phones and teleporters.

I will see you on Friday night and if you don’t choose a good film it is my turn next time and you have to buy the popcorn.

My love as always,

Mickos xx