Dear Cleo 17 02 25

Dear Cleo

So sorry to have missed you yesterday but I was rather busy uptown. I set off quite early in the morning and went to the National Gallery to see my Leonardo, it is still in the same place and they seem to be looking after it quite well. Once I had checked that I went along to the Royal Academy to see their latest exhibition which is called “America after the fall”. The theme of the exhibition is the paintings that were done after the Wall Street crash and before the blooming of Abstract Impressionism, there were probably fifty paintings in the show representing the work of around thirty artists, only four of whose work I had seen before.

To get the headliners out of the way, there was an early Jackson Pollock, two of Georgia O’Keeffe’s cow skulls, three of Hopper’s delightful paintings and seven by Grant Wood, one of which, “American Gothic” is the poster for the show.

There was a wealth of styles and subjects on show but my three favourites were Alice Neel’s portrait of Pat Whalen that reminded me of Cezanne’s Man with crossed arms, Walt Kuhn’s self portrait as a clown and Joe Jones’ American Justice.

It was held in the small gallery on the third floor of the Academy and is certainly very interesting if you can get the chance to see it.

I had lunch in a delightful little cafe before walking to Green Park and catching the tube to Pimlico and the Tate Gallery.

I went into the Clore Gallery and spent some time looking at a display of Turner’s unfinished works that they are featuring at the minute.

In the Tate they had a little exhibition of Sickert’s works from photographs which was very interesting and then I went to see their Paul Nash exhibition. The exhibition spanned the whole of Nash’s career, and while it was interesting to compare his early and later work, for me, he never surpassed his earliest work that he did in the trenches of the First World War.

The day ended with a cheeky little carafe of the Tate’s house white and the tube home.

All my love