Dear Cleo 17 10 22

Dearest Cleo

Great to see you yesterday. I really enjoyed the film that you chose for us to watch and it was great to draw together, I really learned a lot.

It is Sunday. and life drawing class day, these are what I did this morning.

Figure 1 (17 10 22 01) Ardrea one, ink and pastel on A2 sugar paper

Figure 2 (17 10 22 02) Ardrea 02 ink and pastel on A2 sugar paper

Figure 3 (17 10 22 03) Ardrea 03 ink and pastel on A2 sugar paper

Figure 4 (17 10 22 04) Ardrea 04 pastel on A2 sugar paper

I hope you like the drawings

Love as always

Mockos xx


Dear Cleo 17 10 17

Dearest Cleo

I hope your Monday went well

While I was in the woods yesterday I created this;

Figure 1 (17 10 17) Peace and relaxation, Charcoal and white chalk on A2 white sugar paper

I think it needs figures, I ignored the wood nymphs as they were moving a bit quick, but maybe with a few of them in there, it would make a better picture I will make a few A3 copies tomorrow so I can experiment with it a bit.

The date is nearly a palimdrone we will have to wait until the seventeenth of November until it actually is.

My love as always


Dear Cleo 17 10 16

Dearest Cleo

Whitewebbs has a Sequoiadendron giganteum or giant sequoia that was planted in 1853, so it is only about 164 years old, the oldest known is 3500 years old. They are normally only found in California America and they must have been very proud of it back then, because they made a fence round it and gave it a big plaque. It is a very big tree and quite pretty. There are some young ones too about 20 years old, only about ten have grown since 1853, when they were small somebody gave them a little cage to stop the rabbits eating them but nobody looked after them since then and they have out grown their cages.

Figure 1 (17 10 16 01) Giant sequoia Whitewebbs Enfield with overgrown plaque and dilapidated enclosure Digital photograph

Figure 2 (17 10 16 02) Young giant sequoia Whitewebbs Enfield outgrows its rabbit cage Digital photograph

The cage brought to mind An Act of Terror or Neglect that I drew the other day so I did this.

Figure 3 (17 10 16 03) Sequoia set free charcoal and pastels on A2 sugar paper

Well dear I hope you found that interesting, if you remind me I will take you to see the giant redwood before the winter sets in.

Love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 15

Dearest Cleo

I was up early this morning because the Autumn term of Sunday morning life class started in Wanstead. I did 4 drawings, I thought I was a bit rusty after the break but things started to get a bit better when I switched to pencil.

Figure 1 (17 10 15 01) Charcoal on A3 Cartridge paper

Figure 2 (17 10 15 02) Charcoal on A3 Cartridge paper

Figure 3 (17 10 15 03) Charcoal on A3 Cartridge paper

Figure 4 (17 10 15 04) Graphite on A3 Cartridge paper

Hope you like my efforts, have a good day

Love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 14

Dearest Cleo

It was great to catch up this morning, even if it was just for a short while it was good to see you and Auburn was so loud, he is getting into a big little brother to you.

I was thinking forest with figures which was lingering from yesterday and I have been reading, well looking at the pictures really in Raphael and his circle, and I started off with this sketch from my sketchbook

Figure 1 (17 10 14 01) Sketch ink on A6 cartridge

I started drawing with charcoal and remembered to take progress photographs.

Figure 2 (17 10 14 02) Composition charcoal on A2 sugar paper

Figure 3 (17 10 14 03) Composition charcoal on A2 sugar paper

Figure 4 (17 10 14 04) Holy family at play, angels on point, charcoal and chalk on A2 sugar paper

Figure 5 (17 10 14 05) Holy family at play, angels on point, charcoal and chalk on A2 sugar paper

WP_20171014_22_12_28_Pro int

Figure 6 (17 10 14 06) Holy family at play, angels on point, charcoal and chalk on A2 sugar paper

It needs developing a bit more with some hand studies and figure studies for the infant, but it is not bad. It has grown a classic renaissance pyramid for the figures and an illusion of a cross in the background of the infant the touching hands are an echo of Michelangelo’s hands of Adam and God. I know it is 500 years out of date, but just maybe just maybe, there is a Pope out there somewhere who needs one of these for his chapel

I hope you like it, the angels are on point because religion seems so militaristic these days. I am going to the pub now to watch the Mighty Arsenal hoping for some high art. I may see you tomorrow, if not be lucky.

Love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 13

Dear Cleo

It seems a long time since I wrote, I have been busy writing an essay and researching in books. The essay concerns Raphael, Picasso and Auburn, so you can probably imagine how much research was required. I will put it on here when it is finished.

As well as that I have been going to Whitewebbs Woods three or four times a week, just to soak up the atmosphere and understand what it is all about. Rediscovering what it is like to be peaceful in nature and spending more time being still and observing the calm.

Whitewebbs is labelled a park, but it is a long time since the park keeper visited, the dedicated benches stop around 2002 and the lifebelt by the pond dates from 1995. I guess the park hasn’t been maintained since 1995, they will probably shut it soon, in case an old branch falls on someone’s head because it is not being looked after.

Anyway  I am letting the woods speak to me while I listen in their silence these are the drawings I created after going home to the studio,

Figure 1 (17 10 13 01) Forest path, charcoal and XL charcoal on white A2 sugar paper

I think this has an almost Cezanne type feel to it which could be the result of dancing at the easel it probably would be better redone with figures


Figure 2 (17 10 13 02) Forest path, ink and wash on white A2 sugar paper

After many years of walking this path I know it, hold it in my head and I can conjure it up at a moment’s notice, it often puts in an appearance when I am listening to peaceful music or sitting in a traffic jam.

Figure 3 (17 10 13 03) Edge of the forest, ink and wash on white A2 sugar paper.

On one edge of the unkempt woods is a pristinely maintained golf course an abrupt border between the wild and the tame.

Figure 4 (17 10 13 04) An act of terror or neglect, ink and wash and Conte crayon white A2 sugar paper

This started as a grassy knoll but maybe I have been reading the news too much and had to get something out of my head.

Well that is it for tonight I am so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, good luck with the maths test.

My love as always

Mickos xx


Dear Cleo 17 10 03

Dear Cleo

I hope you are well. Carrying on from yesterday I have remembered the old songs for Friday and Saturday which only leaves Thursday and Sunday to find.

More photographs that inspired me, these are of paths and pavements I walked, the photography aspect of this part of the course is beginning to bore, so I have been experimenting a little crudely with the buttons on Photoshop.

Figure 1 (17 10 03 01) Paths 01, just a pretty picture, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

Figure 2 (17 10 03 02) Paths 02, Suggestive, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop.

Figure 3 (17 10 03 03) Paths 03, a souk in Marrakesh, digital photograph with doors and windows added in Photoshop

Figure 4 (17 10 03 04) Paths 04, Dinosaur feeding adjacent to human latrine, cave wall in Santa Uritrino, Northern Spain, circa 8000BC, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop.

Figure 5 (17 10 03 05) Paths 05, a disturbance in the force, in a galaxy far far away, digital photograph cropped, black and whitened, posterised and gamma corrected in Photoshop.

Figure 6 (17 10 03 06) Paths 06, convergence of Edmonton ley lines, digital photograph cropped in Photoshop

Figure 7 (17 10 03 07) Paths 07, the constellation of the running fox, those born under this sign have wisdom and cunning, can draw like Raphael, have a tendency to drink copious ammounts of lager and eat out of dustbins (15 November12.30 to 12.42) Digital photograph cropped and adjusted in Photoshop

Figure 8 (17 10 03 06) Paths 08, ancient Viking map of Yorkshire carved in York stone, the insert, embellished in emerald, represents garlic and showing the lair of Dracula in modern day Whitby Digital photograph cropped in Photoshop,

I hope you enjoyed my journey into the ridiculous and we can catch up at the weekend in case you need further explanations

Love as always

Mickos xx