Dear Cleo 17 11 04

Dearest Cleo

Sorry to have missed you yesterday but I had to go for the test. I passed so it wasn’t a problem, This morning I went life drawing and drew these.

Figure 1 (17 11 04 01) Charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

Figure 2 (17 11 04 02) Charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

Figure 3 (17 11 04 03) Charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

Figure 4 (17 11 04 04) Charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

Figure 5 (17 11 04 05) Charcoal on A2 grey sugar paper

Hope you like this mornings drawings

Love as always

Mickos xx




Dear Cleo 17 10 29

Dearest Cleo

How are you? Well I hope, after putting the clocks back, we have a bright shiny day so I went back up to Whitewebbs to check on my artwork, It was OK, the wind and rain had hardly moved it.

It’s a bit like owning a masterpiece you have to keep restoring it, to keep it at its best.

Today in my collaboration with the woods I drew a tree it was about six meters tall or long made out of the branches of dead trees, there are lots of real dead trees lying on the floor at Whitewebbs but I wanted my drawing to look alive so I based it in a live tree. Here it is;

Figure 1 (17 10 29 01) Forest collaboration 2 Sculpted tree from the side digital photograph

Figure 2 (17 10 29 02) Forest collaboration 2 Sculpted tree from below digital photograph

Whitewebbs is a good location for doing this, land artists seem to seek out remote locations like moors and things where there is no sign of anyone interacting with the landscape previously, Whitewebbs is pretty remote.

Looking at the pictures now I think i need to go back and give my drawing a bit more volume maybe it will become a sculpture.

As well as a drawing it is the trace of a piece of performance art, I didn’t have much of an audience but I was performing albeit only tidying up the forest.

I am more pleased than yesterday because my drawing blends in with its surroundings and if anyone should stumble across it, it is unmistakable a work of art


My love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 28

Dearest Cleo

Well my dear, it is back to school for you on Monday, and half term is over. Before I had all the shenanigans with Damien’s dog yesterday I did manage to go to Whitewebbs and collaborate with the woods.

It reminded me a lot of when I was about eight or nine and we made dens with old house bricks and bits of wood. Walking in Whitewebbs is such a pleasure, you see more squirrels than people, so I am not expecting imminent discovery as a land artist except maybe by the odd squirrel.

One positive is that I an getting to know Whitewebbs fairly well and I can now do a quick drawing that represents a woodland here at home, and I am getting used to the tones and colours of the forest. You can’t see the ground for the carpet of leaves, it seems like something to do with magic or the forest people, I wonder if the wind and rain changed it in the night, I think I will go back and have a look today

Figure 1 (17 10 28) Forest collaboration 1 Digital photograph

My love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 27

Dear Cleo

It was good to catch up this morning don’t worry that you haven’t got your letter yet it will probably come on Monday.

These are the pictures that nearly didn’t make it into project one but were too good not to include.

Figure 01(17 10 28 01)  A picture that is worth 25 words Digital photograph

Figure 02 (17 10 28 02) The snail, after Matisse at the Courtauld  Digital photograph

Figure 03(17 10 28 03) Costa Bananas Digital photograph

Figure 04 (17 10 28 04) Eclipse the Courtauld Digital photograph

Figure 05 (17 10 28 05) Stairways to heaven flights 1, 2 and3 Digital photograph

Figure 06 (17 10 28 06) Remembrance weak dawn Digital photograph

Figure 07 (17 10 28 07) Not one of Cornelias arsonist unknown Digital photograph

Since we met earlier, my right arm has been savaged by the dog from the Omen no treat, big trick the police and A&E had starring roles but I can still draw and the antibiotics accentuate my synthesesia


Love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 26

Dearest Cleo

I hope you are enjoying your half term, I will catch up with you on Saturday when you can tell me all about it.

I was going to go the woods on Sunday fully prepared to make an intervention, but the weather wasn’t that good, so I stayed home and drew this instead.

Figure 1 (17 10 26) Torso ink and chalk highlights on A2 grey sugar paper

I am particularly pleased with it as it is derived from my study of Raphael and the shadows are not too dark and even in the shadows you can see the form.

I know it isn’t an intervention with the landscape but time and the weather wait for no man.

I have written you a real live letter in the post, can’t wait for you to reply.

Love as always

Mickos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 22

Dearest Cleo

Great to see you yesterday. I really enjoyed the film that you chose for us to watch and it was great to draw together, I really learned a lot.

It is Sunday. and life drawing class day, these are what I did this morning.

Figure 1 (17 10 22 01) Ardrea one, ink and pastel on A2 sugar paper

Figure 2 (17 10 22 02) Ardrea 02 ink and pastel on A2 sugar paper

Figure 3 (17 10 22 03) Ardrea 03 ink and pastel on A2 sugar paper

Figure 4 (17 10 22 04) Ardrea 04 pastel on A2 sugar paper

I hope you like the drawings

Love as always

Mockos xx

Dear Cleo 17 10 17

Dearest Cleo

I hope your Monday went well

While I was in the woods yesterday I created this;

Figure 1 (17 10 17) Peace and relaxation, Charcoal and white chalk on A2 white sugar paper

I think it needs figures, I ignored the wood nymphs as they were moving a bit quick, but maybe with a few of them in there, it would make a better picture I will make a few A3 copies tomorrow so I can experiment with it a bit.

The date is nearly a palimdrone we will have to wait until the seventeenth of November until it actually is.

My love as always