Dear Cleo 18 11 04

Dearest Cleo

Great to see you again today, was glad to be able to show you the life drawing I did today. Since you left to go swimming I made a painting of my drawing, I think it is a pretty good painting, what do you think.

Figure 1 Life drawing hard pastel on A2 sugar paper

Figure 2 Seated figure, Acrylic on Acrylic paper 40 x 40 cm

It felt good to be painting, I have been doing a lot of reading and research and not enough painting. As you know I am going to Paris next weekend to see the cubism exhibition, it must have been on my mind when I was at life class this morning and the drawing just appeared of its own accord. I don’t often paint from my life drawings, perhaps I should do so more because I am pleased with the result, I like how the figure jumps from the ground and the sculptural effect of it.

Like I said I won’t see you next weekend but I am sure I will find you a nice little souvenir while I am in Paris.

My Love as always

Mickos xx

P.S. I found this while I was in Paris, it was painted by Miro. If I had known that Miro had done this, I wouldn’t have painted mine, the scariest bit is that Miro’s is titled Standing Nude whilst mine is titled Seated Figure, you couldn’t make it up.

Figure 3 Standing nude by Miro