Dear Cleo 18 08 26

Dearest Cleo

It’s good that you are back home from your holiday though probably not for you, you are probably getting ready to go to your new school, buying uniforms and the like, it must be so exciting. I will catch up with you sometime in the week. Meantime back in Sutherland Villas, the studying goes on, this week it is Minoan art.

The palace of Knossos was the ancient capital of the Minoan world, and between Knossos in Crete and Akrotiri, a Minoan town on Santorini perhaps two dozen frescoes of the Minoan world remain.

The Minoan frescoes were begun on a damp plaster ground but were completed on dry plaster so that on the same fresco, in places the paint has penetrated the plaster and in other places it easily flakes off.

Figure 1 Minoan Bull jumping, wall painting

The paints used by the Minoans were, like the Stone Age paint, made from ground up minerals in white, yellow, red, brown, blue and black. The blue was difficult to source and is probably Egyptian blue purchased in trading with the Egyptians. There is a dispute as to the exact colourings and composition used as the paintings were discovered as fragments and on discovery were retouched by Evans and Emile Gillieron.

The paintings have retained the Egyptian eye but the bodies of the figures are much more natural and less posed.

Figure 2 Minoan Goddesses, wall painting

I hope you have a good time in the last week of your holiday and that the weather is not too bad for it.


My love as always


Mickos xx